Valarra corvette cost

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No matter how quick they accelerate, the Electric Vehicle is seen by most car enthusiasts as a heavy one-trick pony that brings all of Our friends at Zip Corvette Parts were probably on cloud 9 this week as their new Corvette Stingray test mule arrived at their And he does it more than once! As some Youtubers have been sharing their fastest mph sprint times with Speed Phenom and the Chevy Back in September we brought you the story of two brothers from Canada who road-tripped 11 hours just to see the Corvette as Photo Credit: Chevrolet Earlier this week we posted a video that was making the rounds on YouTube that featured a Corvette Z51 keeping up Popular Posts.

Apr 8, Corvette Racing. R at Sebring Keith Cornett - Mar 18, 2. R on the famous "bumps" of C7 Corvette. Now that I'm sleeping in the garage, I get to spend 8 hours a night with my Corvette You can browse more of Corvette Marketplace. Corvette Accidents.We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet.

Unfortunately, this is how we pay the bills and our authors. We would love for you to enjoy our content, we've worked hard on providing it. Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy! In a world filled to bursting with eye-melting design work, the Valarra Chevrolet Corvette C6 still manages to rise above to din. The thing is, the Valarra C6 Chevrolet Corvette looks right at home at SEMA, with copious angles, cuts, and dives to help it stand apart from the pack.

The kit also includes interior components to help complement the spacey exterior aesthetic. Those interested in getting one of these things in their driveway simply needs to send their C6 Chevrolet Corvette over to Mattao Concepts in Florida, which will then perform the kit install. How does the Valarra C6 Chevrolet Corvette grab youdear reader? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to subscribe to GM Authority for more Chevrolet Corvette newsChevrolet news and around-the-clock GM news coverage.

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First Name. Last Name.You can expect the aftermarket to have a field day with the forthcoming C8. Hunt says they have leaned toward a GT3 look for the kit, drawing inspiration from the C8. R of which they took lots of measurements and photos at the SEMA show. The most noticeable parts of the kit include the huge over-fender flares at the front and rear, as well as the big rear wing held up by brackets inspired by the C8-R. As far as what this beauty will cost, no price has been released. How about you?

Source: YouTube and autoevolution. I used to hot rod and change up the bodies on my cars for many years. It still gets the thumbs up and lots of complements. For an aftermarket aero kit, I have to say that I am impressed!

[VIDEO] The Valarra is an Insane C6 Corvette Widebody Kit

Agressive but not too much, alot of C8. R cues; actually looks functional. On the bomering behind the front wheel, I would not stop the design at the location you guys came up with, but extend it all the way down. Also in the back I would carry the fender all the way to the end of the car. You guys have come up with a hot kit for the new C8.

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valarra corvette cost

TV CorvetteSpecialEditions. Can Synthetic Fuel Save the V8? Overall, well done, gents! Just my opinion, but who needs it?

valarra corvette cost

Mid Engine Corvette. Popular Categories. Previously Featured.If you were to design a crazy-looking sports car body for SEMAthe C6 Chevy Corvette probably wouldn't be the first donor car to come to mind. Suprasnew Mustangs and even C7 Corvettes were more common choices. But if you want something a little outside of the ordinary, you can go with this C6-based Valarra kit -covered Corvette. It looks entirely different from the Corvette generation on which it's based.

The entire body has been redone, while the interior has been reupholstered and slightly updated. Perhaps most striking is the back of the kit, which leaves exhaust plumbing, drivetrain bits, and the rear tires exposed. That doesn't include a car, though, so you'll have to provide a working C6 Corvette for the company to modify. You also aren't getting any performance modifications as standard, though Valarra notes that there is an extensive catalog of aftermarket performance parts that they'll happily install for an additional charge.

You can also spec carbon parts and upgraded wheels as add-ons if you want your Valarra to look even more wild. Even if you don't, the Valarra certainly looks more unique than most of what's out there for a similar price. And since it's a Corvette underneath, it should be pretty quick. Via MuscleCarsAndTrucks. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Sim Racing Needs Professional Photographers. New Cannonball Record: 26 Hours, 38 Minutes. Valarra on Instagram. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.We specifically chose the C6 for the best balance of price, performance and style.

All you need is a Chevy Corvette to get building. Matt is no stranger to designing affordable supercars, as he created the Vaydor exotic bodykit that was featured as the Joker's car in the Suicide Squad movie. His attention to detail and forward thinking makes this car second to none, letting you stand out no matter where you are.

At that time several more details and photos will be revealed. We plan to launch a preorder initiative soon so please stay tuned. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest and excitement regarding this project. Introducing the Valarra. A complete custom kit car based of of the Chevy C6 Corvette platforms.

Turn an average ride to something unique and personal. Fabricated with high quality parts each kit contains all you need including interior for a complete transformation. A kit designed with limitless customization. Based on the C6 Corvette We specifically chose the C6 for the best balance of price, performance and style. See the Valarra from all Angles. FAQs 1 What car is the Valarra built on? Using the the C6 platform will allow for endless custom and performance upgrades, giving you a unique supercar like no other!

We are offering installs only at our shop for the Valarra kit. Installs will start after the first of the year We will be taking preorders shortly for the first year of production. All installations will be done onsite at our shop in Florida.

At this time no kits will be sold for home install. The only installs out side of our shop will be an approved vendor or shop. Contact Us.

Sign up for our updates: Email.This unique body kit is the brainchild of a Florida designer named Matthew Mcentegart of Mattao Concepts. All you have to do is provide a C6 Corvette, and Mattao Concepts will do the rough install at its facility in Florida.

Installs are slated to begin in Florida after the first of the year, and the company says it will be taking preorders shortly for the first year of production. Right now, no kits will be sold for home install, and the only installs allowed outside of the Valarra facility will have to be by an approved vendor or shop. No word on how many grocery bags or golf bags will fit in the car, however.

Source: Valarra and musclecarsandtrucks. Forget the mid engine. The C8 should have been something badass like this! I would have been the first in line to buy one. This is utterly hilarious. I am doing a full body modification on a Corvette c4. That crappy little crossover SUV. The front end is all over the place, and it looks like a donk with those giant wheels. No wheel clearance for any real world driving.

[VIDEO] StreetHunter USA Unveils Widebody Aftermarket Kit for the 2020 Corvette Stingray

The rear opening is missing the parachute. How about some wheelie bars on the back too.

valarra corvette cost

Why do American car makers try and see how many horizontal lines they can add to a sports car like the c7 Corvette? All it does is make it look cheap. Take a look at the Ferrari and Lamborghini cars, less is actually better. Honda used the same nose on the new CR-V. The back end fell off and lots of luck locating replacement tires after these on are burned away. This kit is ugly as fuck.

Vettes are junk and this just made it worse. The interior needs a pop of color. The wheel and tire package is awful and the rear end looks like an afterthought. About Us Advertise Subscribe Now! TV CorvetteSpecialEditions. Everything looks good except the back of the vehicle looks stupid!

Mid Engine Corvette. Yes Please! Mar 13, Popular Categories. Previously Featured.The mid-engine C8 Corvette may have been drawing a crowd at the Chevrolet SEMA exhibit this year, but just across the aisle was a Corvette that was far, far more radical. Any C6 Corvette will do for a Valarra body kit. Which means an abundance of aftermarket support throughout the vehicle.

Especially under the hood, where an LS-based engine can be pushed into the 1, horsepower range without looking to hard or spending too much money in the process. The design of the Valarra Corvette is simply extreme. Up front is a gaping maw for optimized airflow, while the rear is even more extroverted.

A massive rear wing is fixated up top of the rear deck, while center mounted exhaust is lifted up from the stock location, with all of the plumbing exposed. We managed to grab a photo of both the front and rear tire width. A Corvette with inch wheels. The company is not shipping out kits for homebrew installation. Automotive Media Jedi Knight. Not yet the rank of Master. It just breaks my heart, if you only knew my life story behind it.

I wish you could. However, for the sake of entertainment, you have to admit the car looks crazy. If I could, I would do the engine upgrades and the rear part of the car only, keeping the front end with the stock look. I think it looks amazing and definitely the HP gain. Oh a couple updates on motor ZR!

Did a 5 year old design that? Goes to show, anything will fly nowadays. I really hope all those stupid angles are functional.

Rain snow or shine. But, it is nice.

valarra corvette cost

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